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Diacorder USB

Frequently Asked Questions

» Does this product automatically start recording when I answer the phone?
» Do I get any warranty?
» What is the compression ratio for a recording?
» I have a single line with multiple wireless handsets. If a call is answered by any other phone than the one at my computer desk will the call still be recorded?
» Is there any way to stop the recording by hitting a particular key on the phone that is being used?
» Will I be able to record two-phone lines independently using Diacorder?
» Is there an option to play an automated legal disclaimer?
» Can it be set to automatically record ONLY incoming calls?
» Is your product direct connecting to telephone handset?
» What's the meaning of "passive" call?
» What does it mean that the product has 2 or 4 channels?
» How to connect to a DSL telephone?
Should the telephone line be split out, with one cable which is connected to the filter and then going to the computer modem and the other unfiltered telephone line cable being connected to the DSL modem?
» Is backup going to happen only after filling up the hard disk space?
» How backup works?
» I don't see the special tag in the files moved to the backup.
» When I burn DVD and later I try to play a file that has been stamped with a label, will it automatically search in the DVD drive?
» Does it mean that I have to keep closely watching for this backup to full and immediately burn a DVD and empty the space?
» How to configure the system for best performance?
» We have a Panasonic 4 line wireless system model number KX-TG4000B. Will your recorder work on this phone? We only have 2 phone jacks on the wall. We must then have a 4-wire line cord running from each jack on the wall to each jack on the phone. Will it work in this situation?
Also, most of the calls are taken on the wireless phones, is that a problem?
» If Dicorder USB-2AC is connected to one phone will it record from all phones connected to that line?
» We want to install this software and monitor our two lines for all calls for security reasons. The telephones are in the main office block and we want to install the system at the management section, monitoring the two office lines.
» Does your system have on board memory to record or does it get record on the PC HDD?
» Is Diacorder possible to work with magic jack product? I will use USB female adapter to RJ11 plug, just to connect and plug the magic jack into diacorder and connect to PC USB port and used the call recording.
» Please give me the physical measurements of the following product: Diacorder USB-2AC and is the 4 line model the same?
» Could you please tell me if there is a difference between the software that comes with the Diacorder USB and the APR software?
» The most recent backed up call files are in %appData%\Diacorder\backup which is specified as the temporary folder but the backup medium is set as D: Also, the "backup tab" should make clear that the designation of the "backup" medium is for READING only and that it has no bearing on the writing of the backup.
» I think the software should give some notice of what it is doing. The Help files talk about sending the administrator "a mail" but I received no notification that "backups" were being produced. What I am supposed to do with the files that were "backed up" (copy them to CD??) and then do I have label the CD, manually, with the date and time stamp?
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