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Diacorder USB


» It seems I cannot send\faxes, but I can receive them. Would your unit, or the setting in your software have anything to do with this? Is there a setting I need to change?
» Although in the program the option "load at OS start-up is checked, it doesn't start automatically, but I must launch it manually. My OS is Windows XP Pro SP2.
» When the program is started the Main node shows the recordings within it but once you click off this onto another node and then return to it the recordings are not visible until you close the program and re open when they are visible again.
» I installed the software on one computer and I have a problem I have not run into before. Once the board initializes, I get a message that states "TreeFromVolgaTbl function failed"
» All calls are being shown as outbound even when they are inbound as the system is not showing any calls as inbound, the software that is supposed to be picking up the telephone number from my caller id system is not working properly.
A five minute call will be broken up to as many as ten calls, each of which will be from 20 seconds to as long as one minute.
» The green light is on but the board will not initialise.
» How do I find out if I have a 64 bit operating system?
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