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Advanced Phone Recorder
Voice modems

Download a fully functional version.

Limitation: 60 sec per recording

Purchase on line Advacned phone recorder with all major credit cards or through PayPal.

Frequently Asked Questions

» Is APR compatible with my modem?
» The recording level is very low. How I change it?
» How can I create a new list of recordings?
» If I delete a list do I lose my responding recordings?
» Is it possible to use mass actions, like mass copy, mass delete mass move?
» How do I write a memo for my recording?
» I installed a new modem. How APR will find it?
» Is it possible to record a conversation and at the same time use Internet?
» Can I use APR in Linux or Mac?
» How can I release my modem?
» I don't like the default fonts. Can I change it?
» Does APR supports TAPI?
» Is there a limitation on the time of recording on this full version software?
» What file naming convention does it use to save the recorded files?
» Modem does not support v.253/IS-101 information is displayed.
» How to record conversation above 1 min?
» I’ve just downloaded your APR software and I just want to know if my PC card modem V34 by US Robotics can support what is required by your software.
» When a person or machine answers a phone call will APR record everything and save every call in a separate file to be played with media player or Real Player?
» What is longest call I can record? One hour or more?
» Is there any way to save in other formats?
» Could you please advice, if the product is compatible to UK spec?
» What additional hardware do I need?
» Does this software support 2 or 3 modem at the same time?
» Nowhere does it say what type of installation I get. Demo with full features, how long do I use before I need to pay etc. I need a trial period.
» How can I convert from one format to another?
» What's the difference between V.253 and IS-101 what does it mean ?
» What is a voice modem?
» How does the exact setup of the hardware work and with what cable?
» I'd like to prevent the icon from showing on the system tray. Is there a way to hide or prevent that icon?
» Is it possible to automatically record outbound calls? I see inbound, but not outbound.
» If you do not support VoIP can I run your product (say on a multi tasking OS eg XP) at the same time as a VoIP application provided there are no hardware conflicts? (APR uses Voice modem and VoIP product uses a sound card)
» How many channels can be recorder at the same time? Take a typical small business that may say have 4 outside telephone lines could APR record all four lines?
» Can the recorded phone conversations be burned to a CD from this software?
» How do I save files in MP3 format?
» Do you have an API or COM interface that is available to developers?
» Can it be set up to automatically come on and record both incoming AND outgoing calls?
» Does it work with VOIP tel. systems?
» Will this work with DSL I have filter on my phone line?
» We are trying to use the File -> Copy to Folder... option. The wave file copies correctly. However, it doesn't allow us to change the name of the wave file: the copied file reverts back to the original file name.
» When I playback a recording the distant voice is low and my end is high. How can the voice at the other end be raised?
» I'm not sure if my modem has a voice recorder or not. Is there a way you can tell?
» If APR is connected to the phone line in my home office/study and I pick up the phone (same line) in another room, will the APR still record the conversation?
» Is it possible to use your phone recording system with Vonage (VOIP)?
» Is APR compatible with Microsoft Win Vista and Win Seven?
» Does Advanced Phone Recorder record and answer two phone lines for users who have two phone lines? If yes, is there any special modem that must be bought to handle recording and answering for two lines?
» How to connect APR with a DSL / ADSL modem?
» Does APR work on Comcast digital voice package?
» I would like to write the files to an USB type external drive. Can this be configured in the Advanced Phone Recorder product set-up?
» When I tried to order this product on-line the order form requests a License number or code.. I called RegSoft.com and they don't know what this is. Please explain.
» When I purchase the order will I get the software as well?
» Can your software use a .wav or .mp3 as an outgoing message?
» I need to know if it will accommodate 4 phone lines on a 5 line system. I also need to know if each phone in the building needs one and which computer maintains the calls. How long can each recording be? Is it manual or automatic?
» Say I have a microphone and headset attached to a computer. Can I use APR to answer incoming calls, so that I make talk to a caller through the voice modem?
» Someone calls and no one is in the office. He listens to a recorded message giving information. What is the maximum length of the recorded outgoing message to a caller?
» Will the Advanced Phone Recorder record calls from a handset other than the one wired through the modem?
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