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Advanced Phone Recorder
Voice modems
Advanced Phone Recorder support

Advanced Phone Recorder works properly with analogue voice modems that support V.253 /   IS-101 command voice set. The software is able to detect if your modem supports this standard and if not it will inform you that it is impossible to work with it.
It is possible that your modem may not work with Advanced Phone Recorder. In that case we may support you find a solution if possible but we need some data to assess.

Before you contact us we advise you to look FAQ and Troubleshooting pages. In case you don't find a solution there follow the procedure.

Click help -> ask support menu commands. An email will be sent to us with your modem parameters as well as other necessary data we will check and reply you if a solution could be found to your problem.

The files sent as email attachments are the following:


These files contain information about your modem and software configuration and don't contain any other personal data.

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