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Advanced Phone Recorder
Voice modems

Glossary of terms

ADPCM Adaptive Differential Pulse Code modulation. A technique used to transmit data with a rate of 32Kbps
ANSI American National Standards Institute
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ATM Asynchronous Transfer mode. A technique used to transmit data in cells of 53 bytes
Auto answer A feature of modems to answer automatically in phone calls for data communication
Baud rate Modulating speed for analogue signals
BCD Binary coded decimal. Binary code for decimal digits 0 to 9.
Busy Tone A tone advising the caller that the telephone number is busy.
Call Waiting Tone A tone advising the user of the call waiting supplementary service who is engaged on a call that someone is attempting to call his number
Carrier Signal of a specific frequency that is modulated and carries information
CCIT International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee.
Codec Coder decoder
Compression Data compression technique for faster transmission
Congestion Tone A tone advising the caller that the groups of lines or switching equipment necessary for the setting-up of the required call or for the use of a specific service are temporarily engaged.
CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check. Error control checking
Datagram Message routing method used in packet switching where every packet is transferred independently from the previous packet in the same message
Dial tone A tone advising that the exchange is ready to receive call information and inviting the user to start sending call information.
db Decibel. A measuring unit of the ratio of two quantities
DTE Data terminal equipment
FDM Frequency division multiplexing
FDX Full duplex.
ISO International Standard Organization.
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Networks.
LDM Limited distance modem.
Off-hook The status of the phone when we have lifted the handset.
On-hook The status of the handset when it is on the phone.
PABX Private Automatic Branch Exchange.
Pay Tone A tone advising users of a payphone that a payment is required.
PBX Private Branch Exchange.
PCM Pulse Code Modulation.
POTS Plain Old Telephone System.
PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network.
QAM Quadrature Amplitude modulation
Ringing tone A tone advising the caller that a connection has been made and that a calling signal is being applied to a telephone number or service point.
RTS Request to send
SNR Signal to noise ratio
Special Information Tone A tone advising the caller that the called number cannot be reached for reasons other than "subscriber busy" or "congestion".
The tone may also be used in conjunction with recorded announcements to signify that what the caller is about to hear is a recording. It should always be used to precede all call failure announcements.
TDM Time division multiplexing
URL Universal Resource locator
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