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Advanced Phone Recorder
Voice modems


» When the receiver hangs-up the modem doesn't release the line. It just keeps recording until you stop the recording from program.
» Every time I start the software and click my modem I get an error saying that my modem is bound to another software such as fax software
» I have a modem which is voice supported but the software does not detect a modem on my system.
» I'm trying out your software and finding that it takes a few seconds for the actual recorder to kick in once the call starts. Is there a setting that I should change on my modem for this and if so, which setting would it be.
» When I enable auto recording, it records telephone calls properly, but when I don't answer it, it always picks up the call for me.
» APR is looking for my modem on COM 3, which is not where it is. How do I fix this?
» I get an error message saying, "Error opening COM port. Possible cause, Modem may be bound to fax." How do I fix this?
» The Recorder does not release automatically when call is ended... Please advise.
» I'm evaluating your Phone recorder. I do not see where it is detecting and logging caller id. Is this feature disabled for a demo or what do I need to do?
» The software doesn't start automatic recording on incoming calls
» After using Advanced Phone Recorder successfully for some time now, I now get an error message when I launch it: Error opening com port 4.
» How I can activate caller ID?
» I keep getting an error message that I have no modem. I know I have one because I'm on the Internet most days what could be wrong?
» Advanced Phone Recorder answer once on two times.
» We can hear our voices fine but the volume of caller's is very low.
» My modem is plugged into a USB port. When I click record, the green line appears but does not fluctuate (its a flat line). When I stop the recording, an audio file is created which is about the same size as it would be if the recording had worked, but there is no sound other than a soft hiss.
» The software
(1) stops the recording prematurely (in the middle of the conversation.
(2) does not disconnect the phone after hanging up and loosesthe recorded conversation.
» I need to move this program to a different computer, how do I do that and get it to work the same?
» The program will not hang up after a call.
» For some reason while trying to set the recorded up, I kept getting a message saying the file is corrupted. What does this mean? Does this mean that you have to send me another file?
» When I start the software it gives an error, ie Badld - Specified comport doesn't exist.
» How do I find out if is 64 bit? FYI - I am using the same model PC and OS as I used with the original purchase.
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